The name of the organization shall be the Meridian Coast and Downs Mature Citizens Community Forum.


Principle objectives shall be to:-

a) Promote the welfare and interests of older people within the Meridian Coast and Downs (Newhaven, Peacehaven, East Saltdean & Telscombe Cliffs) and the surrounding area.

b) Provide a platform where matters of concern to older people can be raised and the relevant policies developed.

c) Act as an umbrella organisation when making representation to any public or other bodies.

d) Promote policies as they affect older people and generally put forward a positive view of mature persons.

e) Be democratic, non-sectarian and non-racial.

f) Be not affiliated to, or connected directly with any political party or party political organisation.

g) Be non-profit making.

h) Liaise with, but not be controlled by, any relevant Local Authority, and develop a county-wide presence.

i) Communicate and co-operate with similar Forums throughout the U.K.


a) Membership of the Forum is open to any local organization dealing with the concerns of older people.

b) All older people resident, or active, in the Meridian & Downs and surrounding areas.


The Forum committee will be made up of the following elected officers:-

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 12 (twelve) other elected Members.

The officers to be in office for 3 (three) years and other elected members also for 3 (three) years except that there shall be staggered tenure so that 2 (two) of them will end their elected period in each year.

During the year new members may be co-opted until the following AGM when they will offer themselves for election in the normal way.

Representatives of other bodies can be invited to attend all meetings.


There will be at least 2 (two) meetings per year of the Forum, one of which will be the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Management Committee meetings will be held at least quarterly, and extra meetings may be called as required.

At all meetings:-

a) Voting decisions shall be by a simple majority.

b) Minutes will be taken and retained by the Secretary.

c) At management committee meetings a quorum will be at least half the committee.

d) This constitution can be amended at the AGM.


The Forum may be wound up at a statutory general meeting by a 2/3 (two thirds) majority of those present.