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Hi again – here is some more verse from Christina Lynn – don’t forget ANYONE can send their poems to me – they don’t have to be “original” – perhaps something you have liked and want to share with other members?  As long as I have an author’s name…….

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When I was young and very agile

I had a bike on which to travel

And then a motor-scooter I did get

But in bad weather, I’d get wet.

So earning then, and with some cash

A car I bought, cut quite a dash

I could now arrive in style

And cars I had for quite a while.

Now car and I are getting older

On the roads you must be bolder

‘Cos they are now so very busy

This traffic puts me in a tizzy!

When the car behind me gets too close

I’m sure they do it on purpose.

Just because I’m old and grey

They seem to think I’m in the way!

I’ve reached the age for something slower

Mobility scooter, though less power

Will suit me for the next few years

I’ll travel safer with less fears.

Though pavements which are most uneven

And obstacles can be a problem.

In “lockdown time” ’twas four o’clock

Not too far, just round the block

For our exercise we went

Me in road Vic on pavement

Social distancing applied

With regulations we complied –

We had not gone so very far

When I was stopped, a police car

Drew up beside me, questions asked

“Where are your number plates?” I gasped

And answered that they were not needed

For I the law had always heeded.

Insurance certificate carried with me

Perhaps that document he’d like to see?

But by then he’d had enough

I look back and laugh

‘Cos I was doing tortoise pace

On a scooter you don’t race.

Of speeding cars I’d heard a few

You’d think he’d better things to do!

So this incident deserved a verse

I think I may have written worse!

By:  Christina Lynn

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