Ageing Well Festival 2020 – Poets’ Corner

Hi everyone – thought I’d start the ball rolling with a few poems!  Just a bit of background first though…….

Prior to Covid-19 lockdown, every 2 weeks, my husband and I regularly drove a group of 7 elderly ladies from their homes to their weekly “Tea Club” in Peacehaven, in the Peacehaven Newhaven & Seaford Lions Club minibus, then picked them up afterwards and returned them back home.  All are living on their own, and their Tea Club is a lifeline to them.

When it became clear that this lockdown was going to be long term, I said to my husband that I could not ignore our “oldies”, so I vowed that every Monday (their normal “Tea Club day”), I would phone them, have a chat, ensure that all was well with them and finish by reading a poem or two to them.  

This idea went down a storm with our “oldies” and when it became clear that we would not be able to hold physical events for the Ageing Well Festival (previously called “Older Peoples’ Day), we were encouraged by East Sussex County Council to come up with “something on line”.

So, with an ever burgeoning portfolio of poems (none of which are originals – I’m not that clever!) I came up with the idea of a “Poets’ Corner” where members can submit their favourite rhymes!

The only thing I would ask of you is that you give a title for your poems, YOUR name, and the name of the author, if different.

Just let your imagination run wild, and your pen flow free, and send your verse (or worse!) to me at this email address:


There must be some budding Edward Lears, Robert Frosts, T S Eliots out there and we look forward to reading your entries – all of which will appear on this website………


Have fun!!


Christine Bowman

Membership Secretary


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