Poets’ Corner – Poem No 4

Good morning all – please find another of our member’s poem – just to remind you that the Christmas Season will soon be upon us (hopefully with some better news about the Coronavirus pandemic!)




Cinderella isn’t a fella

As all you good people must know

Her ugly sisters are a couple of Misters

But when dressed for the ball it don’t show

They were rotten to Cinders

Said “get on and clean them winders

To the ball you are not going to go”

Footman Buttons did luv ‘er

Just like a bruvver

Said “Cinders you’ll go to the ball”

And while they were dreaming

An old lady was scheming

To be a fairy and come through the wall

From rags, pumpkin and mice

With her wand in a trice

Changed to carriage and all brand new clothes

She said “now then deary, although I’m a fairy

At midnight the magic all goes”

She met her Prince Charming

But ain’t this alarming

He fell for that woman that night

But the Prince in his splendour

Is the opposite gender

Cor, isn’t she in for a fright!

Soon midnight was chiming

(And is this still rhyming)

As she ran her shoe fell on the stairs

The Prince picked up her slipper

Said “I’ll marry this stripper”

So both sisters said it was theirs

With hairy legs showing

They just got one toe in

Then Buttons appeared on the scene

Siad “Cinders must try it

You cannot deny it”

It fitted and now she’s his queen

Boom boom!


Written and submitted by one of our members, Jill Fry – thank you Jill!

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