Ageing Well Festival (Previously Older People’s Day) 2020

During these most unprecedented times with Covid-19 still around, two things have been decided:

FIRSTLY – Older People’s Day has been re-branded this year and is to be called Ageing Well Festival

Due to the pandemic, and the uncertainties that this has brought into all our lives, Public Health England have advised that, at least for this year, there should be NO physical events due to the risks that this dreadful Coronavirus (Covid-19) presents.

Therefore, any events  should be “on-line” only.  A few ideas:

  • online training sessions to cover a range of different topics – IT, creative writing, art, crafts etc.
  • online fitness and physical health classes
  • wellbeing information and advice sessions
  • support for small businesses
  • befriending service
  • inspirational stories – we would like to hear some inspiring stories of what people did in lock down. Stories that promote older people having a great deal to offer all generations.

If you, or your organisation would like your event featured in the “on-line” brochure (there will be no physical brochure this year, please complete the attached form and return it as instructed.

Hopefully we will return to “normal” next year……  Click the link below for the form.


Keep safe and keep well…….


Christine Bowman
Membership Secretary
Meridian Mature Citizens Forum

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