Meridian Mature Citizen Forum Newsletter Summer 2022

Dear member

Please see the latest Meridian Mature Citizens Forum Newsletter for this summer..Meridian Newsletter – Summer 2022.

You should be able to access this by clicking on the underlined words above.  Happy reading.

Also this year we are participating fully in “Older People’s Day” however for technical reasons the booklet cannot be accessed on this website. Please support your own forum and any other forum by attending some of the events happening during September and October.  The booklet will be sent to you via email (if you have this facility), or alternatively it will be posted to you so look out for your postman!

Mrs C M Bowman

Former membership secretary Meridian Mature Citizens Forum

Let’s Celebrate – Older Peoples Day in East Sussex 2021

Dear member/reader

After a very long 18 months, not being able to socialise as we would like, we are very excited to announce that Older People’s Day in East Sussex will be celebrated this year with a mix of”proper” events and some on-line events.

Please look and see what is on offer by clicking on the following link:


Celebrating life after 50 – Your East Sussex by East Sussex County Council


We hope that you find something to “tickle your fancy”!!


We apologise for this error.  If in any doubt, please contact our Chair – Kate Davies on 01273 516207 or at

Our 2nd event takes place on Wednesday 6 October 2021 at the Hillcrest Centre and is a film matinee of The Fishermen’s Friend followed by tea and cake in the cafe at the Hillcrest Centre.

Booking is essential for both events please.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Best wishes

Mrs Christine Bowman

Membership Secretary

Tel 01273 583213/07866 301908


Meridian Mature Citizens Forum Spring 2021 Newsletter

Meridian Newsletter – Spring 2021 FINAL WEB

Good morning all – sorry for the delay in publishing this – hopefully you will all have completed the Census Form by now?

Hope you enjoy this latest newsletter and do have a try at the “Quiz of the Year” – send your answer(s) to:, or if you prefer, send to our Chair, Kate Davies, address as per the article!

Best wishes all – please keep safe and well.


Chris Bowman

Membership Secretary

“Lockdown 2- a message from CTLA


We have received the following notification from CTLA

We have received the following information from CTLA:









¬SCHEDULED SERVICES 132, 246, 248-249 ¬


¬OUR VITAL NEPTS – Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service¬

Give one of our fantastic Customer Service Advisors a call on:

01273 517332

“CTLA are here to help, together we WILL get through this”

Nikki Geering

Transport for Your Community

Hillcrest Community Centre | Hillcrest Road | Newhaven | East Sussex | BN9 9EA

Email: info@

Tel:    01273 517 332

Twitter: @CTLAbuses


Meridian Mature Citizens Forum Newsletter – Autumn 2020

Good morning all – we have pleasure in publishing the latest Meridian Mature Citizens Forum Autumn 2020 Newsletter, which includes a short article on Pension Credit.  Since 1 August 2020, the free TV licence that those over 75 years of age have previously enjoyed, is no longer automatically free any more as I’m sure many of you are discovering already.  Please take the time to read the newsletter attached AND the short pamphlet from Independent Age which explains Pension Credit and its benefits.

Of course, you can also contact the Citizens Advice Bureau if you have any queries regarding the Pension Credit.  Sadly the Newhaven branch of CAB is closed to visitors, but you can phone them on 01273 007557 or 03444111444 – or you can email them at

We hope that you enjoy the newsletter, and that you find the Pension Credit booklet helpful.  Do remember to let us know if you have any success with Pension Credit!  The links to both the newsletter and the Pension Credit leaflet are below (in the underlined titles after my phone numbers!)  Alternatively if you want a hard copy of the Pension Credit booklet, please call Independent Age on 0800 319 6789 or visit


Best wishes

Christine Bowman

Membership Secretary

Meridian Mature Citizens Forum


Phone:  01273 583213/07866 301908


Meridian Newsletter – Autumn 2020


Ageing Well Festival 2020 – Poets’ Corner

Hi everyone – thought I’d start the ball rolling with a few poems!  Just a bit of background first though…….

Prior to Covid-19 lockdown, every 2 weeks, my husband and I regularly drove a group of 7 elderly ladies from their homes to their weekly “Tea Club” in Peacehaven, in the Peacehaven Newhaven & Seaford Lions Club minibus, then picked them up afterwards and returned them back home.  All are living on their own, and their Tea Club is a lifeline to them.

When it became clear that this lockdown was going to be long term, I said to my husband that I could not ignore our “oldies”, so I vowed that every Monday (their normal “Tea Club day”), I would phone them, have a chat, ensure that all was well with them and finish by reading a poem or two to them.  

This idea went down a storm with our “oldies” and when it became clear that we would not be able to hold physical events for the Ageing Well Festival (previously called “Older Peoples’ Day), we were encouraged by East Sussex County Council to come up with “something on line”.

So, with an ever burgeoning portfolio of poems (none of which are originals – I’m not that clever!) I came up with the idea of a “Poets’ Corner” where members can submit their favourite rhymes!

The only thing I would ask of you is that you give a title for your poems, YOUR name, and the name of the author, if different.

Just let your imagination run wild, and your pen flow free, and send your verse (or worse!) to me at this email address:


There must be some budding Edward Lears, Robert Frosts, T S Eliots out there and we look forward to reading your entries – all of which will appear on this website………


Have fun!!


Christine Bowman

Membership Secretary


Ageing Well Festival (Previously Older People’s Day) 2020

As you all have been made aware on 25 June 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided that no physical events (such as coach trips, film shows or afternoon tea dances etc) sadly could not form part of what we all knew as “Older People’s Day” celebrations this year.

Instead, East Sussex County Council have worked extremely hard with others, including the Senior’s Forums, to produce a very full and varied programme of on-line events only this year.  The booklet entitled “Ageing Well in East Sussex” has now been published and can be found at the following link:

(Just click on the underlined words above to see the brochure).

You will be pleased to see that your own Forum has thought up an on-line event, which of course is totally free to enter!  It is called:


The details are in the attached booklet, at page 17 –  under the heading “Let’s Get Creative”  Just submit your poems/limericks etc – comical, reflective, sad – anything.  Just remember to include your name, and the poet’s name (if that is different to yours) and send them by email  to:  Please put the heading “Poets’ Corner” in your email.  This event starts on Tuesday 1 September 2020 and will run through until 31 October 2020.  We look forward to reading pages and pages of your poems!  Just “give it a go”!!  We look forward to hours of reading your contributions!  All poems will be published on the Meridian Mature Citizens Forum’s website.

Christine Bowman

Membership Secretary

Meridian Mature Citizens Forum

Ageing Well Festival (Previously Older People’s Day) 2020

During these most unprecedented times with Covid-19 still around, two things have been decided:

FIRSTLY – Older People’s Day has been re-branded this year and is to be called Ageing Well Festival

Due to the pandemic, and the uncertainties that this has brought into all our lives, Public Health England have advised that, at least for this year, there should be NO physical events due to the risks that this dreadful Coronavirus (Covid-19) presents.

Therefore, any events  should be “on-line” only.  A few ideas:

  • online training sessions to cover a range of different topics – IT, creative writing, art, crafts etc.
  • online fitness and physical health classes
  • wellbeing information and advice sessions
  • support for small businesses
  • befriending service
  • inspirational stories – we would like to hear some inspiring stories of what people did in lock down. Stories that promote older people having a great deal to offer all generations.

If you, or your organisation would like your event featured in the “on-line” brochure (there will be no physical brochure this year, please complete the attached form and return it as instructed.

Hopefully we will return to “normal” next year……  Click the link below for the form.


Keep safe and keep well…….


Christine Bowman
Membership Secretary
Meridian Mature Citizens Forum

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service – Planning for a Safer Future – Consultation

Good morning all – I do hope you are keeping “safe’n’well” and obeying the “Stay At Home” message?

I have been asked to bring to your attention the above consultation, which I hope is self explanatory.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS) are asking for your help in their “Planning for a Safer Future”.  You can assist by reading the document which can be found at:

(click on the underlined words above to gain access to the document).

And by completing the “short survey”

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service would be very grateful for your considered responses – thank you.


Christine Bowman

Membership Secretary

Meridian Mature Citizens Forum


Important Coronavirus information – support for carers in East Sussex

Message To all Carers in East Sussex

If you are a carer, or know anyone else that is a carer, please pass this information on.  You can access the contents of the message by “clicking” on the underlined words  above (Message To all Carers in East Sussex).  This will open in a new “Word” document, with further links.

Our relevant Community Hub is Lewes – telephone number 01273 099956

Please stay safe and well

Best wishes

Christine Bowman

Membership Secretary