Poets’ Corner 27 September 2020 – continued

Hello again all – here we have a poem from our Committee Member, Marilyn Nolan.  It was inspired by Marilyn’s niece, who loved the band, “The Style Council”  – an English band formed by Paul Weller (singer, songwriter and guitarist formerly from “The Jam”, and keyboard player Mick Talbot, in 1982.


She’s reached the age of seventeen, and still not seen the light.

She thinks Paul Weller’s fabulous, he’s really out of sight.


Is it the legs, no cannot be, for they’re like bits of string

So thin and white, bereft of hair, I feel so sad for him.


Must be the nose attracting her, just like a skiing slope.

So straight and long and pointed too, he’s really got no hope!


His crowning glory, his barnet fair, it accentuates his beak,

Having it cut so short and cropped, like Samson, has made him weak.


His taste in clothes is something else; they hang just like a sack,

But without a doubt my favourite gear, is his sexy, dirty mac.


One day she’ll see the light, I’m sure, cause if he could take his pick,

He’d not give her a second look, for he’s friendlier with Mick!

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