Poets’ Corner – another from Christina Lynn


In the spring when birds do sing

And love is flying on the wing

When after days and nights of passion

It’s time for birds a nest to fashion

Where safe, secure her eggs she lays

And mother bird in comfort stays.

Rooks usually build their nests in trees

Which rock and sway in the breeze.

In Wannock, it can blow a gale

Last year’s nest is up for sale!

So this spring they sought a change

And their beady eyes did range

When looking for the ideal spot

They found it in my chimney pot!

For location ’twas just right

No other birds they’d have to fight.

It really had a lovely view

with plenty room just for the two.

When chilly – they’d have central heating

Yes, this place would take some beating!

To build their best they did prepare

And gathered twigs from here and there.

The cat she turned a blind eye

For after all, she could not fly

Easier catches would be found

With birds that fed upon the ground.


In September, when the boiler checked

The gas fire flue, their nest had blocked.

A pile of twigs lay in the grate

For chimney sweep I’d have to wait

Before the gas fire I could use

Or fumes might cause my quick demise!

No wire guard to stop their game

Needed “Dobbo”, roofing legend

A few more pounds I’d have to spend

To make my chimney pots bird-proof,

And stop their antics on my roof!

They’ll see this battle I have won

So rooks go back where you belong

To use my chimney pot was wrong!


Christina Lynn

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