Poets’ Corner – another “Ode”

Finally for today at least, here is an original from our Committee Member, Marilyn Nolan:



If your wedding is approaching, you’ll be looking forward to the day,

But be careful with arrangements, take note of what I say.


Book the venue for the service, for the reception, book the hall,

And don’t forget the photos, that would never do at all.


The bride will look so lovely, the groom so dapper too,

To have no record of the day would surely never do.


A rumour has been spread about, there’s a snapper on the loose,

She says she’s a photographer, but beware, it’s just a ruse.


If you do decide to use her to record your happy day,

Make sure you have a back up somewhere along the way.


She goes to all the parties, and gladly volunteers,

Clutching her box brownie, which she’s had for donkeys’ years.


We thought with her advancing years, her memory she’d lose,

But now we think it’s probably ’cause she likes a drop of booze.


She really is forgetful, of that we have no doubt,

‘Cause she discovers when it’s too late, the film has been left out!



So if you want your album to be full and free of gaps,

Take a tip from all of us:  don’t get “Mo” to take the snaps!


Author:  Marilyn Nolan

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