Poets’ Corner – continued!

An Ode to a Diamond

Cathy is a one off, I know you’ll all agree,

And everyone will miss her, but no-one more than me.

I remember well her interview, she outshone all the rest,

And left us in no doubt that she was simply the best.

The nine years she’s been with us, have flown by in a whirl,

With a short break in the middle to produce a baby girl!

She has proved to be a diamond, there’s just one of her kind,

A harder working person would be difficult to find.

With her friendly smile and attitude and eagerness to please,

She made everyone feel welcome and put them at their ease.

Although she’s very flexible, of her you could not rob,

The writing of the registers, it was her favourite job.

And though I had to search hard, a fault I finally found,

She seemed to have a problem with pens lying around.

If your pen was missing, no good looking on the floor,

Or under your computer, it would be in Cathy’s drawer!


Written by our Treasurer and Committee member, Marilyn Nolan, who was once Cathy’s Manager at Sussex Downs College!

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