Poets’ Corner – just 3 days left…..

Hello again all – I am today posting some more poems by Christina Lynn as we approach Halloween on 31 October, which is the last day of the “Ageing Well Festival”

Christina trained as a music teacher and has given many concerts in Wannock Village Hall – so here goes:



When “Lockdown” came we could not meet

For what had been our weekly treat

Rachael, Brian and me, a trio

Bach and Handel played “con brio”

Telemann, Purcell and Loeilett

They’d have to wait another day.

Not sure when we next perform

But we all hoped t’would not be long.

Those concerts done round Wannock Hall

Where we’d welcomed one and all.

Now performing put on hold

When next we play might be too old!

Could Rachael firmly hold her bow

And me the flute have breath to blow?

Brian’s fingers might get stiff

No longer could he play that riff.

For many months we had not played

Then Brian to me a phone call made

Said his room was very big

Three metres distance it would give

‘Cos from my flute I breath expel

Might virus lurk? We could not tell,

But we thought we’d take the chance

Yes this would be safe distance.

We played again – not lost our touch

And we enjoyed it oh so much.

About eleven had a break

In garden coffee to partake.

Frances joined us for a chat

We nattered long ’bout this and that.

And then it’s time to play again

We’re lucky that it has not rained!

Back into the lounge we go

Just time to play, perhaps the Blow?

The morning really has flown by

In ‘pastime with good company’

And we hope it won’t be long

‘Til Ian joins us for a song

And concerts round the Hall we do

Even if ’tis for a few!

By Christina Lynn

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