Poets’ Corner – more for our collection!

We have been really lucky this time – three (yes, 3!) poems for the price of one!

One of our members, Lyn Davies, is in touch with two lovely ladies from New Zealand who enjoy creative writing and take it in turns to set a topic each month.  Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 has been a “hot topic” recently.  Enjoy these humorous verses from Lyn!


It’s different


In the garden, no weeds.

In the house, no dust.

In the garage, no rubbish.

On the railings, no rust.

In the sky, no planes.

On the street, no feet.

Far less traffic,

People can’t meet.

But the air is pure.

Nature can thrive.

I’ve learnt new crafts.

Guess I’ll survive



The Big Shut Down


A one-eyed Teddy Bear,

High on a toy shop shelf,

Sat with his two companions,

A fairy and an elf.

The owner was clairvoyant

And in his tea-leaves saw,

A virus fast approaching

Closing every store.

The Big Shut Down Sale was planned.

They did it pretty quick

Before the town got wind of things

And made them worried sick.

Festooned with balloons and banners

The door flung open wide.

Shoppers with over-filled purses

Bargain-hunted inside.

Puzzles, books and Barbies,

Techno games galore

Flew from the shelves of the toy shop

Soon to be no more.

Christmas and birthday presents

Rang through the tills all day.

The three companions tried their best

But no-one looked their way.

When shoppers and staff departed

No-one gave a care

For a sad little fairy and an elf

And a one-eyed Teddy Bear.


……and finally……like many people I suspect, we had a huge clear out of unwanted items which lead to this one…


The Man Drawer


In the man drawer

He hides everything…

Batteries, dead

Books, unread

Instructions, torn

Cufflinks, unworn

Pencils, broken

Out of date token

Glasses, deceased

Photographs, creased

Scissors for nails

Adverts for sales

Coins in a jar

From countries afar

Mobile charger

One small, one larger

All defunked

Load of junk

But it might be useful

One day.

LYN DAVIES (Newhaven)

Thank you so much Lyn – these poems certainly made me smile and giggle a little to myself – and how true is the “Man Drawer”!!!



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