Poets’ Corner – on the run down

Good afternoon again – it seems like we’re heading for a pretty unsociable Christmas.  However, I still have some poems to perhaps cheer you up!

The first one is again from Christina Lynn, and relates to the first “Lockdown” in March this year.  Let’s hope it doesn’t get this bad again!!




As we went into “lockdown”

Our shopping it became a problem.

Those with computers shopped on line

If slot was found, it would be fine,

Others used “click and collect”

Great if order was correct!

Many had to go themselves

And often there were empty shelves.

That virus caused a great pandemic,

Not a loo roll could you buy

Though in many shops you try.

Gone were the days when choice you had

No cushioned quilted, t’was too bad!

Though some of us have not forgotten

When all you had to wipe your bottom,

Old timetables pages which you tore

From hook on back of privy door!

Tins of soup and fish and beans

Some grabbed them all by any means.

I hope those greedy people blush

‘Cos weaker ones they shoved and pushed.

And then we had to social distance,

Closer than two metres an offence.

Were told it was for our own good

When far apart, in queues we stood.

As a nation we’ve much practice

Buses, trains, and at Post Office

We’ve obediently stood in line,

And often waited quite a time!

Now one in, one out, it was the rule,

And most of us were sensible,

But when in shop at last we got,

We really felt we’d lost the plot.

Direction arrows like a maze

Left us feeling in a daze!

Up one aisle and down another

Shopping now, you’re in a dither

‘Cos when shopping you’ve a list

So things important you don’t miss.

Just when you thought you’d got the lot

You look at list, one item you’ve forgot

So round the shop you go again

Oh dear me, it is a pain!

Blast! it’s getting very late

Again at checkout you must wait

Then, at last, your shopping done

In the car and head for home.


Many thanks Christina!

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