Poets’ Corner – on the wind down……

Good afternoon everyone – I do apologise for the hiatus in getting some new verses to you, but it’s getting a bit more difficult as time passes.

However, here is another poem, written by Christina Lynn, and with an “Early Covid-19” Theme……


On Thursday night at eight they came

To clap for carers was the aim

And after, friends and neighbours stayed awhile

For a chat -t’would boost morale.

Now ladies Sandra, Ros, Margaret & Anne

Heads together made a plan

Front gardens, mornings in the sun

Have a drink & eat a bun.

We can have a right good natter

‘Bout all the things that really matter.

There’s many topics they discuss,

Great debate with little fuss.

Perhaps if there were men around

Arguments they would abound!

Most days, when at twelve o’clock

I take a short walk round the block,

From a distance I can hear

Much laughter, witch-like cackles

Quite scary, it can raise your hackles.

So I’ve given them a name

Which came unbidden to my brain.

‘Noon Day witches’ don’t take offence

I know to you might make no sense,

But I’d just listened to this music

For you its title seemed to fit!

Yes you really made me smile

From real witches I would run a mile,

But you’ve no broomsticks, hats or spells

And helping others you do well.

Of ladies you are Wannock’s best

And the tea you made it passed the test.

On Wednesdays when you came to pour

And cakes dispense and much much more

“The Noon Day Witches” is the title of a symphonic poem by Antonin Dvorak

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