Poets’ Corner – our collection grows!

Last week I was contacted by one of our members who had read our newsletter and the “Ageing Well in East Sussex” booklet, and had seen our “on-line” event!  This lady just happened to have recently published a booklet called “Verses Written Some Before But Most During Lockdown”  This booklet is being sold in aid of two good causes:  Wannock Village Hall and the Vickie Vowles Memorial Fund for Safer Childbirth.

If anyone wishes to purchase the booklet, please contact me on 01273 583213/07866 301908 and I will put you in touch with the author and give you more details.


I will put one of Christina Lynn’s poems on today, and more will appear soon after



Our feathered friends enjoy a bath

But oh for you it was no laugh

That morning when ablutions done

To remove yourself you had begun


Your back gave way and when you tried

It was so difficult you cried

No good shouting, no one could hear

Even neighbours who were near

There was a way to summon aid

But naked in the bath you laid!

“Oh dear me, what shall I do?”

Should I ring for rescue, but by who?


For firemen it is nothing new

Bodies in the buff, they’ve seen a few!

When people in their baths get stuck

But oh, “Hooray, I’m out – what luck!”

With towel I took my modesty to cover

I’ll dry myself and then recover


But now, at last the time has come

I know t’will cost but must be done.

The bath must go, and in its place

A shower new the space will grace

And though I know a ‘soak’ I’ll miss

To sit in comfort will be bliss!

Author: Christina Lynn




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