Poets’ Corner rides again!

The following poem was written by our Committee Member and Treasurer, Marilyn Nolan.  Marilyn had a friend who lived opposite the pond in Seaford……..





From “Duckhaven”

Blatchington Pond

Sutton Drove





Dear Sir

We used to be so happy, swimming here and there,

Just like all the other ducks, we didn’t have a care.


But now it’s all so different, we can no longer play,

We have to be on guard now twenty-four hours a day.


The reason is so obvious;  it’s there for all to see,

They’re up there on the buttress wall, leering down with glee.


We hear they call them eagles, but they make our feathers creep,

To us they look like vultures and never seem to sleep.


Up there staring, wings outspread, they give us the evil eye,

We’re shaking under our eider down, expecting them to fly.


If you’ve put them there to guard you, or protect your “Milliners Rest”,

You need to look no further, our protection is the best.


We’ll listen for intruders and watch with beady eyes,

We’ll quack and quack and flap our wings and won’t tell porky pies.


We beg of you, dear Christopher, this heartfelt plea we make,

Please cover up those eagles and give us ducks a break.


Yours sincerely

Donald, Daisy and the Ducklings.

Many thanks Marilyn!!

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