Poets’ Corner – The Finale!

Hi all – as well as being Halloween today, it is also officially the last day of the “Ageing Well Festival” for which our Poets’ Corner has been Meridian Mature Citizens Forum’s contribution.


As a result, I’m going to post a few poems more than I have been doing, so, sit back and enjoy!


The following poem is from our own Marilyn Nolan, written when she worked for The Argus and the Leader newspapers and when her daughter was a papergirl.


YET ANOTHER ODE TO AN ARGUS GIRL (to be sung to the tune of “I’m a Pink Toothbrush”

I’m an Argus Girl, you’re a customer and I knock on your front door,

I say £1.02″ you say “that’s for you” and you give me 8p more.

That’s a tip you see, and it does help me, to buy the things that I like the best,

Which are sweets and things, even diamond rings, and in winter a thermal vest.

Every week you hear me knocking

Rat a tat a tat a tat a tat

Your door you start unlocking,

Rat a tat a tat a tat a tat.

I give a smile to you and the Argus too, and you smile right back at me,

And though I bike 5 mile, it makes it all worthwhile

An Argus Girl I love to be.

By Marilyn Nolan

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