Poets’ Corner – the list grows……

This poem from Christina Lynn is rather topical

Compare when this was written to where we are now……




For that year of twenty-twenty

In the future we’ll have plenty

Stories which I’m sure we’ll tell

Of the horror that befell

When spreading all around the world

Coronavirus it took hold

Where it started, not quite sure

But put a blight on our future!


At the start we were too late

And being slow determined fate

Of those who were most vulnerable

From this virus diabolical.


Boris listened to the men scientific

Sure, their advice was most prolific,

“Herd Immunity” they hoped we’d get

And so few targets we had set.

Our hands to wash in “special way”,

While singing twice Happy Birthday.

Two metres distance we should stand

From other people in the land.

They hoped these things would stop the spread

Of virus which on contact fed.


Now “Lockdown” should have come much sooner,

In waiting, Boris made a bloomer.

This delay came at a cost.

As many were the lives we list.

Boris too was then laid low,

In hospital t’was touch and go,

But nurses helped to pull him through

This virus so much worse than ‘flu.


Soon our lives turned upside down,

And many things now made us frown,

Some were big and some were small

We wondered just what would befall

Us, if we lived, or if we died?

There was no place where we could hide.


Those in care homes were neglected

No P.P.E. for them provided.

Many there would lose their lives

However hard the staff might strive.

“Immune systems”, did they function?

If not must stay in isolation.

For those who lived in cramped conditions

This would cause them many problems.


The “poor” who had so little money

For them and children ’twas not funny.

But “Food Banks” to their rescue came

(We as a nation should feel shame!)

Then we thought we’d “track and trace”

To get this running was a race.

You might have guessed, yes, many hitches

And oh so many, many glitches.


On Thursdays then at 8 o’clock,

In streets we stood with hands to clap

Those doctors, nurses in the NHS

With key-workers they’re the best.


Technology it was a boon

Many could connect with “Zoom”.

Industrious people worked from home

Long calls were made on telephone.


However things were not all bad

‘Cos other benefits we had

When we worked all those long hours

There was no time to tend the flowers!

Now every bed looked pristine, weeded

Every flower was dead-headed,

That old shed repaired and tidy

All tools there were oiled and ready.

Rooms which many years had waited

Now were fresh and decorated!


Air was clean without pollution

Less cars now, new resolution.

Electric cycles now the rage

These useful were for those of age

When pedalling vigorously up a hill

No longer seems to fit the bill!

But there’s one problem we all shared

What could we do about our hair?

Men with long white hair we saw

Looking like Methuselah

Pig-tails, pony-tails, hair like rats

Some people covered heads with hats.

Hair now grown, but not same colour

‘Cos now was grey and looking duller.

Of dear me we were so worried,

But Government would not be hurried.

Hairdressers they were in a race

Protection had to be in place

Before the scissors out could come

And snip, snip, snip the job be done.

Now the future’s in our hands

We should not bury heads in sand.

In days to come we must remember

People, the services they rendered

To our country much in need.

For their own safety paid no heed!

Some lost their lives in helping others,

Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers.

And when all this is at an end,

I hope the message that we’ll send

“Key-workers” all must have reward

There is no other way forward.


By Christina Lynn

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