Poets’ Corner – the poems keep coming!

Once again, we have a poem from our Committee member, Marilyn Nolan.

Marilyn wrote of lot of poems related to where she worked at any one time – this one was penned when she worked for The Argus and The Leader (sadly The Leader is no longer).


It was a Wednesday evening, the rest were going home,

But Loader Tom’s just starting, they called him on the phone.

It was Richard Nash, himself, no less, he had some joyful news,

A star was needed, not anyone, he must look like Tom Cruise.

“I thought of you, young Tom” he said, “the moment that they called,

I suggested Ken, but they just laughed, they would not be fooled”

“We must have Tom” the quickly said “he is the one for us,

Hollywood needs him, bring him here, stop making such a fuss”

So wearing his jacket and a sexy grin, he walked to the loading bay,

The filming crew were all aghast, they didn’t know what to say.

He swaggered in, his hair slicked back, he was an impressive sight,

His jacket new, his trousers pressed, the heartthrob of the night.

The cameras rolled, young Tom was there playing his part with pride,

He loaded bundles with such ease, and threw them to one side.

“Them upstairs” were well impressed, such an advert for the firm,

The rest of us who were not picked, could only sit and squirm.

He acted well, then took his bow, then drove his van away,

Not just Tom “Anyone” anymore, Tom Cruise is here to stay!

Marilyn Nolan

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